Friday, February 11, 2011

Look Over My Shoulder: Total Transparency Is My Goal

If the people elect me to be the next At-Large City Councilperson, I plan to utilize technology and an open door policy to make my office the most transparent office in Council history. I plan to set up a live Ustream weblink from my computer when I work in my office, so constituents can virtually sit in on every meeting where participants agree to be web-streamed. If a citizen wishes to meet anonymously, I will consider the privacy concerns of their personal matter in determining whether to proceed with that meeting without web-streaming, but I plan to webstream meetings with anyone who meets me in my office for a business purpose related to the expenditure of public funds.

For citizens without technological access to due to the digital divide or who are unfamiliar with webstreaming, I also plan to offer constituents the opportunity to be a "fly on the wall" for an hour, by pre-registering in advance a time that they would like to come in and observe me at work. Again, I will evaluate where this policy may conflict with privacy concerns of fellow constituents who may be in the office to meet me on official business, but generally constituents will be welcome to sit in for any meeting where parties arrive for a business purpose to discuss the expenditure of public funds.

This is a continuation of the DC Statehood Green Party platform position of keeping the power with the people. I look forward to serving the city in the most open manner possible, in balance with privacy concerns for individual constituents seeking to discuss personal matters. I hope I have your vote on April 26th.

(Photo: Mazi Mutafa, Words Beats & Life)

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  1. Sounds good. Public libraries can serve the others. You should have a public calendar of all your events and meetings which you scheduler keeps up to date — even filling in any late updates at weeks end if necessary. Constant log of non-personal meetings.