Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank You For Everyone Who Voted And Who Supported The Campaign

It's been a tough four months, but I would like to take time out to thank everyone who voted on Tuesday and who has supported the campaign this year.

Special thanks to everyone who braved the cold to help get me on the ballot and who donated their hard earned money to support the campaign. I met a lot of people who were unfamiliar with the DC Statehood Green Party during this campaign and I hope some of them are swayed to join our party, thanks to all of your fine efforts.

Find solace in the fact that the re-election season for this position takes place next year and the DC Statehood Green Party can continue to provide an essential progressive alternative to District voters in the 2012 election. Thank you all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's the Big Day! Vote for Alan Page

If you haven't made it to the polls yet, make sure you vote for Alan Page---#1 on the ballot, #1 fighter for the people.

Need a few good reasons to vote for Alan? Go here.

Want to read more about Alan before heading to the polls? Go here for press coverage.

Remember, the polls stay open till 8pm tonight; however if you are in line, you will still be allowed to vote. Go to the DCBOEE website to find out where your polling station is located.
If you requested an absentee ballot, make sure you get it postmarked by 8pm tonight so it will be counted.

Thank you for your support and remember to vote!

Monday, April 25, 2011

From DCIst: Alan Page is "Committed to a More Just City"

Some words of praise from DCist's Martin Austermuhle:

Alan Page, the Statehood Green Party candidate, has a tendency to say what you want to hear when none of his competitors want to say it. He's thoughtful and committed to a more just city...
Remember, we're just one day away from Election Day! Go here to learn what you can do to help get out the vote before the big day---4/26!

(Photo by Danielle Scruggs)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Four Big Reasons to Vote for Alan Page

Support a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect an independent progressive voice on the DC City Council this Tuesday when you vote Alan Page for At-Large City Council! He's # 1 on the ballot and the # 1 fighter for the people!

Need four reasons why victory is possible on Tuesday with your help? Here they go!

1. With a crowded field of Democratic candidates to divide voters who are loyal to the Democratic Party, a Statehood Green candidate has a much greater chance of winning the election.

2. The recent scandals involving Mayor Gray and other Democratic politicians might result in many disgusted voters not bothering to go to the polls --- which means our own votes will have a lot more clout, if we all vote for Alan.

3. Many DC residents were dismayed when Republicans in Congress announced that they would use their power to force laws and policies on DC that we don't want: especially school vouchers and a prohibition on the use of federal or local funds for abortion.  This situation has ignited more interest in statehood, which might translate into more votes for a Statehood Green on the ballot.

 4. Alan Page is an outstanding candidate who deserves your votes! Take a look at where he stands on critical issues facing DC now and visit the archives for his stances on police brutality, statehood, and innovative ways to create jobs.

In other words, we have the chance to elect a Statehood Green candidate to Council, if everyone reading this goes to the polls and votes for Alan Page on Tuesday, April 26th, and also urges friends and neighbors to vote for Alan.

(Photo by Danielle Scruggs)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just 5 Days Left to #GetOutTheVote

"The D.C Statehood Green Party does have a victory going into the special election for the At-Large City Council Seat...Victory is ours on the 26th!"
-Kenneth Prater, DC Statehood Green and newly elected District 3 Representative to the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly

We are a mere 5 days away from securing another victory: the At-Large City Council election. In a race that is still largely undecided, every vote matters. And at a time when the District is facing a fiscal crisis, we need someone on the Council who won't balance the budget on the backs of the poor and will serve as a true independent voice in the Wilson building.

So, how can you help? Follow the jump:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Expanding the Food Truck Movement

Response to the DC Food Truck Association Candidate Questionnaire:

1. Would you co-sponsor comprehensive legislation to create a competitive business climate that would not be hostile to food trucks?
Yes, I am very supportive of food trucks as a cutting edge small business and I want to sit down with all stakeholders in the food truck debate to create comprehensive legislation that is fair to all parties.

2. Would you oppose raising taxes solely on DC food trucks and not on other street vendors?
I would oppose any selective tax that is aimed at only one growing small business segment, such as food truck vendors. That is not the path we need to take to support the next generation of small businesses in the District.

3. Would you support the creation of a "Food Truck Rule" that would replace the “Ice Cream Truck Rule” for food trucks?
I understand that food trucks are expected to not stop unless customers are waiting to purchase their goods (the ice cream truck rule). The presence of this rule has forced food truck owners to improvise by using social media to promote their routes. Changing which trucks are beholden to this rule might be unfair to other trucks that are still forced to follow the old rule. As a Councilmember, I would revisit whether special rules for trucks selling food products are even necessary, rather than carve out an exemption for some trucks selling food, but not others, so that both our new food trucks and our longtime ice cream truck companies all have an equal chance to compete against brick and mortar food service companies. We don't want a situation where some trucks selling food are at a disadvantage because of what type of food they sell - it would be better to revamp laws related to trucks selling food entirely rather than partially.

I may have misunderstood your question here, but it seemed like you were seeking to exempt new food trucks from a rule that ice cream trucks would thereafter still have to follow.

4. Would you oppose anti-competitive restrictions on parking, including distance from restaurants?

I would like any parking restrictions to be decided in a fully democratic fashion, so all stakeholders have an equal voice - specifically consumers, food truck operators and restaurateurs. There should be a fair way to resolve the current food truck debate, so that consumers can get the food choice they want and all of our food providers can coexist together profitably. I believe that food trucks increase foot traffic and lead to greater patronage of under-served retail corridors. There has to be a way to leverage this strength while balancing the concerns of traditional restaurateurs...

To read the rest of my answers, go to my Candidate Questionnaire section. And feel free to post your response below! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Combining Smart Transit With Job Training

Canvassing and talking with voters helps me brainstorm visionary policy ideas.

While canvassing the neighborhoods of the city, I have met a number of residents who never learned how to drive, both young and old. Although we encourage the use of public transportation, we have to deal with the reality that many of today's employment opportunities are in the suburbs surrounding Washington and are often hard to access via public transportation as currently designed. To deal with the need for our residents to reach these jobs, we have to think outside the box. We should start a job training programs that trains unemployed licensed drivers to be driving instructors, then in turn pair those instructors with residents who seek to learn how to drive and provide them with driving instruction utilizing the SmartCar fleet (then incentivize these often low-income residents to join SmartCar after they acquire their license by providing a discount to program participants who join).

This program would have multiple benefits: (1) residents would learn two valuable job skills - how to be a driving instructor (for licensed residents) and how to drive (for unlicensed residents) (2) it would vastly expose the SmartCar brand to our low income residents and boost participation in the program east of the river greatly. Giving unemployed residents access to driving instruction is a simple way to increase the mobility of our workforce and increase the chances that they will find employment (and thereby increase our tax base while reducing local need for our social service programs, saving us money and raising revenue for the city).

It's not often that a politician winds up thinking about how many residents lack mobility while walking, but I'm not your typical politician. Ha.

Program participants should also probably receive a discount on SmartCar membership, to further give them incentive to join.

(Photo from SmartUSA)

"In His Own Words": Alan Page on The Fight Back

Go here to listen to Alan's answers on everything from Mayor Gray's budget to councilmember salaries to the fight for statehood on The Fight Back, an independent media project based in DC.

(Photo by Danielle Scruggs)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Green Party Minute features Alan Page!

Alan Page (along with his daughter Amina) explains his platform briefly following the DC Emancipation Day Candidates Forum at his alma mater, Howard University. 

Don't forget, there's another chance to see Alan in action at the Ward 6 Candidate Forum on Tuesday, April 19. Go to the events page for more details!

Special thanks to Carey Campbell for filming this segment.

Alan Page featured in The Washington Post!

Mayor Gray’s proposed budget was one step forward toward a progressive, more sensible tax system in the District and one step backward toward increased inequality, because he is proposing to balance the budget on the backs of the poor.

During tough times, everyone must share the load, from residents to corporations operating in our city.

To read the rest of Alan's response to Mayor Gray's 2012 budget proposal, check out the Local Opinions section of the Washington Post.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Alan Page on The Kojo Nnamdi Show!

 Just in case you missed it earlier today, click here to listen to Alan discuss the At-Large City Council race on "The Politics Hour" on The Kojo Nnamdi Show!

Monday, April 11, 2011

WHW: Alan Page Represents A "Refreshing" Perspective

Alan Page is running for At-Large City Council in Washington D.C, representing the D.C Statehood Green Party.  Green Party candidates represent a somewhat radical change from the norm, refusing corporate donations and essentially bucking the trend of a two party system.  In a country where Republicans and Democrats continue to push their ideological views, Mr.  Page represents those who are thinking independently, which is refreshing.

Read the rest of the feature on the DC lifestyle blog What's Hot Washington, written by Chris McDonald, here.

New features on DC LEARNs and!

Everyone knows that investing in education in the city is the best way to get the brightest future we can have. I think I can get everyone on board with that; I think it’s a combination of looking at best practices and using the resources we already have.

DC LEARNs, which is dedicated to improving literacy rates in DC, featured a recent interview with me on their website. Read the rest of my answers here.

I was also featured on the local politics blog, Your DC Politics. You can read Robert Maxwell's feature here.