Sunday, April 24, 2011

Four Big Reasons to Vote for Alan Page

Support a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect an independent progressive voice on the DC City Council this Tuesday when you vote Alan Page for At-Large City Council! He's # 1 on the ballot and the # 1 fighter for the people!

Need four reasons why victory is possible on Tuesday with your help? Here they go!

1. With a crowded field of Democratic candidates to divide voters who are loyal to the Democratic Party, a Statehood Green candidate has a much greater chance of winning the election.

2. The recent scandals involving Mayor Gray and other Democratic politicians might result in many disgusted voters not bothering to go to the polls --- which means our own votes will have a lot more clout, if we all vote for Alan.

3. Many DC residents were dismayed when Republicans in Congress announced that they would use their power to force laws and policies on DC that we don't want: especially school vouchers and a prohibition on the use of federal or local funds for abortion.  This situation has ignited more interest in statehood, which might translate into more votes for a Statehood Green on the ballot.

 4. Alan Page is an outstanding candidate who deserves your votes! Take a look at where he stands on critical issues facing DC now and visit the archives for his stances on police brutality, statehood, and innovative ways to create jobs.

In other words, we have the chance to elect a Statehood Green candidate to Council, if everyone reading this goes to the polls and votes for Alan Page on Tuesday, April 26th, and also urges friends and neighbors to vote for Alan.

(Photo by Danielle Scruggs)

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